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We have been designing, installing, repairing and maintaining docks of all kinds for over 25 years. Over that time, construction materials and techniques have changed, but our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service has remained constant.

From shoreline modification and timber crib construction or repair, to floating docks or aluminum pedestal docks, we've done it all!

Whether you are a DIY expert in need of components, or would like to have your dock designed, built and installed for you, contact us to discuss your next project on the water!



A few years ago, we partnered with NyDock, an Ontario-based company whose specialty is building premium floating docks.

All of their docks are built on their proprietary Pipefusion flotation system, which truly sets them apart from all of their competition. They utilize a seamless process to create extremely thick and durable HDPE pontoons. These pontoons run the length of each dock section and provide excellent flotation and structural support.

The most amazing part of these floats is that they are backed by a Lifetime warranty, and are designed to be left in the ice!

This is a huge advantage for owners in this part of the world. No more pulling docks out every fall, or struggling to push them back in when spring arrives.

NyDock offers a wide range of products, from classic floating docks, rafts and ramps, to custom designs, Transport Canada approved Dock Boats,  and yes, even floating boathouses!

With their tremendous build quality and superior components, NyDock is the leader in a competitive industry, and the clear choice in floating docks. Visit their website at to see their full line of products.

Gardiner Marine is proud to be a full-service NyDock dealer and installer.



In recent years, the Great Lakes and surrounding area have seen record-breaking water level fluctuations. These changing levels have led to an explosion in demand for a dock system that can be adjusted to accommodate the varying water levels from one year to the next. That’s where Dock-in-a-Box comes in.

With a surge in companies building aluminum framed docks, we took the time to research and speak to many of the manufacturers to ensure we are using a product we can stand behind and feel confident offering to our clients. In the end, Dock-in-a-Box was the clear choice.

Manufactured at their facility here in Ontario, Dock-in-a-Box has created some of the most well-designed and well built aluminum docks in the industry. Every product they offer, from their Standard Duty pipe dock models, through to their massively built “Super Duty” series of docks, has been designed with the owner in mind. When you compare to any other aluminum dock manufacturer, the strength, stability, and ease of use of Dock in a Box products is a step above.

Easy to assemble components, and top-notch manufacturing make each dock beautiful and durable. With their high-grade aluminum frames, and composite decking, these docks will never rust, never rot, and are virtually maintenance free!

Visit their website to see the full line of products that they offer at

Gardiner Marine is a full-service dealer and installer for Dock-in-a-box. 



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