Tug & BargE Services

Our licensed captains, crew and vessels are capable of taking on a wide range of water-based projects.

Whether a project involves getting heavy equipment to site, or moving an entire building worth of materials onto an island, we have been providing safe, reliable transportation for many years.

Sectional Barges

Our fleet includes two sets of sectional barges. These barges create a flexible system for moving payloads of more than 60 tons at a time.

Our 20’ x 60’ sectional barge can be disassembled and hauled by truck, allowing us to work even in remote, inland areas.

Heavy Equipment Operators

With our range of heavy equipment, we can tackle loading or unloading bulk material such as sand or aggregate, or pallets of cement bags and even roof trusses.


We also provide site-clearing and preparation services with our excavators, if you are looking to build on a water-access site.